bird trouble


shoe be lookin' through 'oos trawling on the nets, wherefore theys a comin' from, an what theys likes to be lookin' at here on the 'ole bo-log. an what is it that draws the boogers in? this bird!

now, jun is de-lovely n all, an shoe don't want to be discouragin' the prOn-o beaters oot there, but it 'taint the ramen youse love, izzit?

shoe is ta blame, tho. he linked to some racy pic o jun back in the day onna topic o the japanese birds. O! what traffic we weave!

anyhoo, dig in. an when yer full, stay for a bowl or two.


Shoe was doin' some calibration checks, an noticed that sodium, salt, lard an oil levels were kinda low, must be time for a fillup. shoe was a wee rocked from the night previous, an so it meant a run on a greasy lunch, an fastlike. Tha hige, another local-ish joint in the setagaya, just down the street from shoe hovel, would be the fix.

the master o the joint seem'd a hassled man, what with demandin' customers askin all sorts o stoopid questions bout this n that, an demanding things n whatnot. poor master also had a hard time cuttin' shoe's egg in two with a string. well, its one thing to be all harried n worried from the demands o runnin' a ramen joint, but shoe'll be fucked if someone goan be messin' wit his egg! shoe was *this* close to gettin the hump, but stood down when the apprentice stepped in with a fresh egg.

the bowl. shoyuu light n unremarkable, tasty but not memorable. nice chashew. ditto for the shio version.

three droopy mustaches for 'hige'.


ok, shoe back in the game, takin' the rock to the hole.

here's the kurofune, the black ship's best. shoe cased the joint oot in his magick ramen book, an' hit the joint in the komae expectin'. kurofune has won some sort o' telebi-champion stuff, so they's got the braggin' goin on .. and for the most part they ain't just shooting their moufs off.

shoe went for the shoyuu, with some chashew and the egg. kurofune has one o those soups wit the globby bits o' fat swimmin' on top, so's you gots to be careful not to die from drinkin' too much of it, lest your arteries turn into long pointy things that break real easy.. cos they're brittle (ok, so shoe's not up on the metaphors today..) anyhoo, the broth be pretty mild, an the chashew is interestin' in that it's cold, but still has the jibbly. pretty good noodles to boot, and a solid egg round oot the bowl. some unfortunate moyashi in the works however, which are tricksey things that make ya think they be more noodles in the bowl than there really is..

here be the miso version, soup na bad!

three perry's shippin' the shoyuu for the kurofune.

ramen chanpon by shoe?

'tis been a while for 'ole shoe on the ramen front. a whole month away from the goodness! shoe gonna ease back into it gently like, starting with some-ting that aint even ramen. enter the chanpon, a nagasaki dee-lite that all you boogers out there should be huntin' down..

chanpon is japanese for 'shit-mix', or in udder words, a whole lotta vegetables n seafood n pork n noodles n whatever else is at hand to slap into the bowl. the result is bafflingly consistent in taste an quality, some-ting the shoe could never get right in his experimentation wit makin' his own chanpon in the secret shoe lab.

Ringerhut is a chain o' middle o' the road chanpon joints, scattered all throughout nagasaki an kyushu at large. now, shoe aint sayin' it's the slop, but there are better chanpon joints to be a visitin' before you makes up yer mind on whether the chanpon is the right bowl for you. as it seems to be the only source o' chanpon in fair tokyo, well, you takes what you cans.

another use for chanpon (the word) is for when you see one of those hopeless slobs at the izakaya sloggin' down beers an nihonshu an shochu an chuhais an wine, a sheeit-mix iffn there ever was one.. avoid the chanpon in this context, friends!

three t-rexes riding sperm whales battling giant squids for the ringer hut. talk about shit mix!

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